Our Menu : Trend Setting requires Innovation, Our Menus are full of Inspiration from around the World, we often add more Products to our Menus and still manage to keep Your favorites. Check them Out Below!


TAKE NOTICE: This menu does not have all of our Products however the Products below are Permanent Menu Products while others may change.

JumpStart Breakfast

JumpStart Breakfast is an Plant-based and Vegan Breakfast Line. From Fluffy Pancakes to Savory Homemade Sausage. All items on the Breakfast Menu are all homemade This breakfast line will leave you Full of Energy to take on the Day

Waffles & Breakfast Chic'n

Hey we have Chic'n and Waffles too!!


Kamare Crab Cakes, Grits

Best Combination if your feeling a little indecisive this Morning!


Eliza Shrimp & Grits

Power Start your Breakfast ! - Contains Soy & Wheat

Waffles, Grits, & Breakfast Chic'n

After this one you will be wanting More!!


Plant Based Dinner

These Dinners are guaranteed to leave you feeling really full and strangely wanting more! Ours hours start at 2pm until close!

Eliza Shrimp

Eliza Shrimp is one of the only items that contain Soy & Wheat that Naomi Vegan Meets Serve - Product of Verisoy and Eliza Shrimp is made by Naomi Ra-El. We put this Product as a Special Request for the Customers who miss the Real thing.

Na'Vegan Chic'n

Our Patent Soy-Free & Wheat-Free Crispy Na'Vegan Chic'n created by our Top Chef Naomi Ra-El, if you have not had this Plant based Chic'n you are missing out! Na'Vegan Chic'n is Serve in 5 different Styles Crispy Original, Sweet Jerk, Curry, Hot, Orange Asian Zing

Kamare Crab Cakes

Our Soy-Free & Wheat-Free Krab Cakes are another Innovation made from scratch by Chef Naomi. Kamare Krab Cakes taste better than the Real Thing! Hey just ask our Facebook Followers!

Seafood Platter

Our Seafood Platter is another one of our only items that contain Soy & Wheat that Naomi Vegan Meets serve for the Customers who demand it - This Product is another Customer Special Request!

Plant Based Lunch

Perfect if your at the work or right before your on the go, make sure you preorder during this time to guarantee your delivery Time!

Protein Wings

Jerk, Hot, Original, Orange Asian Zing

Pasta Bowl -add Shrimp Free

Made with Fresh Broccoli, Carrots Gluten Free and Seafood Cream Sauce

Vegetable Fried Rice

Naomi Infused Rice Tossed in a Sauteed Vegetable Melody

Na'Vegan Chic'n Veggie Fried Rice

Fried Chic'n with Vegetable Rice