Minimum Delivery Amount per Order per Area must be Met before Delivery, Tax and Gratuity is Added to the total.

Regular Menu will be available on September 22, 2020

First Come, First Serve Basis . Pre-order by 11am for an Set Delivery Time. Set Delivery Times are Always Guaranteed.

Select the link within each Food Category to place an Order. The Full Menu is available on each link.

Pickup is by Allotted Time ONLY!
September 22, 2020 we will be Open for Business

✴ Naomi Vegan “Meets” Important Information, Please Read Carefully 😊✴
▪All orders are First Come and First Serve basis. Once we are SOLD OUT , we are Sold out for Today.

▪️All orders are Placed online, NO Phone Orders!!!

▪️All SALES are Final, NO REFUNDS, SWAPS or TRADES for food already Prep, Prepared, Cooked and Delivered/Pickup .
We Thank Everyone for their Support thus Far 💞‼‼‼